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  1. Thanks for the swift reply! And help! Really appreciate it. Have implemented - We've been moving towards calling / editing timelines in functions. I have seen the move from using classNames in GSAP 3 - which I think is a real shame. The kind of functionality I'm using them for isn't possible in GSAP in the current format the game is in. There are poses/animations of a whole rigged character (including limbs) that uses limb / clothing / sprite etc replacement based on it's class. Also doing some responsive viewport ui sizing combined with responsive SVG's for the sprites. GSAP is
  2. Hi there! I have a question about how timelines are managed in GSAP 3. While a timeline's animation is running, in the js console I seem to be able to use: gsap.globalTimeline.restart(); If the animation has finished it ignores the restart completely. I can only get it to restart if call it while it's running. The project is a game, this is a particular scene, where I will need to restart the timeline and set a different player (between 1 and 4). Also as we're looking to use VUE.js as a single page application I expect will need a master timeline per scene. It's a