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  1. Oh yeah! What's that guy doing way down there.. Must have gooped on the conversion somehow. https://codepen.io/samuelhigginson/full/YzqqOvK Thanks for the help fellas! 🤝
  2. Well hot dog. Right under my nose. Thanks a bunch Craig. 🤝
  3. Hey there 👋 Not much to this one really.. Just getting started and with MorphSVG and I can't figure out what I'm missing. Any help pointing out the obvious would be great. Cheers
  4. Hey there 👋 This is my first time using Timeline, so I'm sure I must be missing something obvious. What I'm trying to do is start the record off slow, let it spin baby spin, and then bring it to a gentle stop with some more easing tacked on the end. But ignorance has stopped me in my tracks, yet again. Any help getting this party started would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Hey there 👋 I have no real idea of what I'm doing when it comes to javascript, but I'm totally hooked on the interactions and animations that are possible when using it. And today I discovered GSAP, which seems to tie all that stuff together very nicely. So here I am asking for help, trying to implement GSAP into my most recent 'Project'. What I'm trying to do is replicate an interaction on the Wieden + Kennedy home page. The closer your cursor gets to the featured project title (lower left of the screen) the more it's underline grows. When th