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  1. I guess there is no better way after all.
  2. @Visual-Q Excellent. Thank you! Indeed a little verbose, but it is a weird request to begin with
  3. I also tried adding it everywhere but didn't seem to work. From what I gather, as you said and is confirmed by the DevTools the the delayedCall completely pulls out the animation while the master keeps playing. So the question would be how to stop the master for the same duration. Maybe?
  4. Nope. I can't figure it out even with the tip for smoothChildTiming An example will be worth a lot at this point
  5. Thank you, Mikel. It is a nice option to know, but in your example the playhead never stops moving as you can see if you add GSDevTools and the CDN link of course. What I wanted was to actually stop the playhead with a delayedCall, but don't know why it doesn't transition. GSDevTools.create({animation:master})
  6. Hello, I am using a master timeline to add two two timelines, one of which has a delayedCall. The issue is that the ".blue" (e.g the delayedCall) snaps into place without any transition. Why is that and how to fix it?
  7. This explanation made perfect sense. Thank you! As for the bug, on ZachSaucier pen you can see that when you click to play the animation and then click again all transitions properly until to the "before the tween started" kinda state. Instead of initial start value it jumps to end value. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/ZEWLgEd?editors=1010
  8. Ah. Would love to hear about this. Love the way you handled isActive and reversing and the article is perfect! Pretty sweet to use one timeline, although having a solution with two will come in handy as well (thanks to Paul).
  9. @akapowl Awesome! Exactly what I wanted to achieve. Would have never figured out that I need immediateRender in the second timelines. Also I was still using the unofficial ClassName plugin, didn't know it was in the official specs now. All in all, I owe you a beer or more
  10. Thank you, Paul. Appreciate your the pen. Unfortunately, it is not quite what I was after. I do not want to stretch the children. Just stretch/transition the parent height to match the total of the children's. And after the parent transition to apply a transition on the new children. But the children can have different heights depending on the resolution, since they could be text. Not quite sure how to deal with those display:none to display:block? Since so far this is the best way to get offsetHeight and estimate the total height of the children.
  11. Hello, New to GSAP. Being trying to figure out something all day. Hope you can help me out. Basically you have a parent with children inside. Some children have display:none; Ideally the parent has no height set and is fully derived from the children. More plausibly the parent has set height to display some of the children (e.g initial state) . Toggle a class and transition the parent to new height + animate the children. This codepen works only after the initial click. On first click it is glitchy and not in the right