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  1. Couldn't have hoped for a better reply. Thank you again @PointC. You are absolutely right, it does what I was looking for.
  2. This is indeed a handy helper. What I meant tho was not to do multiple xPercent increases, but to actually show two, three,...n at a time and then move them regularly with saw xPercent: 100. E.g grouping them in a div as an unit, but I cant seem to work out how from the example since flexbox doesnt seem to allow this.
  3. Thank you, @PointC. I think this is the one
  4. Hey PointC, I am curious how to achieve this showing n slides at a time instead of just the 1. Have tried a few options, but all failed or are too complex for their own sake. Cheers
  5. Hello, I am wondering is there a way to tell the current value of a tween prop ( say "x") before any tweening. For example: gsap.to(".class", { x: "+=100" } // how to "properly" tell what x is before we add 100 I reckon it is target._gsap[prop], but is it expected to be used like that. x: (_,t) => { var val = t._gsap["x"]; val = val ? parseFloat(val) : 0; return val + 100 Is this what the engine does behind the scenes? Is this equivalent to "+="? Cheers
  6. tailbreezy

    codepen RUN

    Super useful info. Thank you so much, have lost countless hours without this. Cheers Hope you have an amazing weekend @akapowl @Carl
  7. tailbreezy

    codepen RUN

    Hello, I am just wondering how you get a RUN tab on codepen. I have a paid subscription and dont have that. It is pretty annoying to try to trigger the edits hot reload, especially since it doesnt proc every time. Cheers
  8. tailbreezy


    Hello everyone, Have been away for quite a bit. I am restarting my gsap journey. Have to go thru the release notes, I see so many great new additions to the plugins. Any major changes lately? Any breaking?
  9. Yes. That is perfect, I will use the workaround until the official release. Thank you, Jack.
  10. Hope so. I am wondering why css vars are excluded from being passed to modifiers. What would be a work around if that is the case?
  11. It is a pity that my questions always occur on weekends. The question is basically how to access the css variable in modifiers so that we can put it in a wrap or something. Will be used in infinite loop scenarios.
  12. Hello fellas, afaik "bottom-20" is invalid syntax. And since it is invalid, it will move you scroller-end anchor to the very top You should do "bottom-=20" (notice the = sign) which will subtract 20 from the bottom value (e.g 1000 - 20 => 980) so you get 20 pixels from the bottom (upwards). Likewise there is also "bottom+=20") which will get you 1020 (e.g 20px from the bottom of the screen downwards). Also keep in mind that trying to understand using bottom and top is a little hard because the anchors will move out of the viewport. Use "top center-=100"..."top center+=100" to see the effect in action. Cheers
  13. Hello guys, What is the syntax here? This seemed to have worked in the past (I found a link that suggested it can be used in this form); No output in console.log. Cheers
  14. tailbreezy


    Everything is allowed in NFTs, but not the way you think. You just have a link to some data, which can actually be changed later on (not really secure, thus people use IPFS to make it a little more secure). The NFT is only a certificate, it doesn't distribute any assets (images, videos, etc.) — if you consider this — it cannot be any other way, because it needs to be on the blockchain and it will bloat pretty fast if it includes anything other than a little bit of byte code. Using Rarible to mint NFTs is pretty easy — a matter of filling some fields and providing a link to asset, but you are left with the limitations on their own smart contracts. Also note that it is actually somewhat expensive it varies quite a lot but expect to pay $35-150 for a single nft.
  15. Thank you for suggesting paper, mattsrinc. I have actually already came across paper and was considering it, if I were to build something from scratch. I was afraid that I would have to write quite a lot of logic to handle the scenarios Jack listed (which I need, because they are the main point). Thank you again, Shrug. Both examples are pretty great. Oh, wow, Jack! Thank you for the closed paths fix. The four bullets listed were indeed what I was looking for when I started searching for the best tool to handle my very small but specific situation. I will probably be using svgs with just a handful of control points, so animating actual svgs would be fine and even preferable. So simple. Love it