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  1. Its not working on changing viewport sizes or different resolutions maybe? I am working with a mac laptop and an external screen. On the external screen the path is located perfect, but on the laptop screen (i think it has a different resolution) the path is going through the content. Should I provide screenshots?
  2. Hello everyone 🙂 I am quiet new to greensock. Currently I am using ScrollTrigger and the MotionPathPlugin. Here is what I have: https://kwizda.gugler.at/ the tractor is moving on the path perfectly, but as you may see the path isn't moving in the free space given instead its overlapping with the content. On my screen it works perfectly fine, but by changing to another screen it's wrong. Do you have any idea how I could change the path related to the content? Here is my code: gsap.registerPlugin(MotionPathPlugin, ScrollTrigger); gsap.set("#motionSVG", { scale: 0.8, autoAlpha: 1 }); gsap.set("#tractor", {transformOrigin: "50% 50%"}); gsap.to("#motionSVG", { scrollTrigger: { trigger: "#motionPath", start: "top 35%", end: "bottom 35%", scrub: 1, onUpdate: self => { gsap.to("#tractor", { rotation: () => self.direction === 1 ? 0 : -180, overwrite: 'auto', duration: 0.1,}); } }, duration: 10, ease: "none", immediateRender: true, motionPath: { path: "#motionPath", align: "#motionPath", alignOrigin: [0.5, 0.5], autoRotate: 90, } });
  3. If I do that it just rotates the tractor slower. I mean is it possible to turn the tractor around on bigger turning-path, like really breaking out of the red-default path. Just like the car from this site: http://rit-team.ru/
  4. Wow thanks for the quick reply!! What would I need to change if I want the turning loop to be a bit bigger?
  5. Hello everyone I am trying to animate a tractor on a svg path (see red one in the codepen - just scroll a bit) and I am using ScrollTrigger to make the tractor follow the mouse scroll. Now I want that the tractor turns in the other direction if I am scrolling up. Technically that would be done by changing the autoRotate of the motionPath to -90 instead of 90. But it isnt updating. I am new to Greensock and animation in general, so any help is appreciated My Goal is that the tractor is not only facing in the other direction but to really turn it around like it is going an a curve (like the car on this site http://rit-team.ru/). Any idea concerning this would also be great. Thanks and all the best, Myli