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  1. Good day, I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with a page transition on https://bogun-dunkelau.de/referenzen Portfolio items are opening in modals, the link section before the footer should: - extend to the top of the screen - change background transparency towards 0 - change blurriness towards 0 - close modal with hideModal(currentURL); when end is reached. What I have created so far: https://codepen.io/hpmacher/pen/eYJLpbJ Unfortunately I don't get any further. Please send me a pm to let me know your hourly rate and how long this would take. Thank you! Johannes
  2. Hey Zach, I went through the video, and it was very helpful! Should have done that right away. I love GSAP, this is next level, I will use it much more from now on. I have now created almost exactly what I wanted. There's one thing I can't seem to figure out. My container (.referenz-transition) which extends in height has a black-transparent background, but now the .pin-spacer creates a space below without the black-transparent background. I've tried adding pinSpacing: false, but it doesn't make the container move anymore. Setting height to 100vh, gives the container the correct black-transparent background, but then it doesn't stop at the top and the footer moves away. Same with keeping the text vertically centered within the container. My updated Codepen demo https://codepen.io/hpmacher/pen/eYJLpbJ Could you please give me a last hint how I could make this work? Thanks Johannes
  3. Hi Zach, Thank you very much. This helps me a lot to get started! Is there a way to move the "scroller-start" marker to a different position or move "start" marker to -50vh from the bottom of the page? I'd like to start the scroll animation / start extending the div once a user has reached the very bottom of the page. I also found a way to change the opacity of my background-color while scrolling here in the forum. This is fantastic! Thanks again! Johannes
  4. Good day, I'm new to GSAP and wanted to see if someone can point me in the right direction here. I'd like to extend a div in height on scroll, after the end of the page has been reached. I looked through the forum and examples, but didn't quite find what I'd like to archive. Appreciate any help! Thanks, Johannes