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  1. All seems OK for me on Safari 16 in the demo, I also checked a couple of sites I had built using it and no issues.. using a 2018 MacBook Pro and an external apple trackpad if that's relevant.
  2. import ScrollTrigger from 'gsap/ScrollTrigger' You missed a semi colon ; ? --- and on the first line
  3. Very new here so may be completely wrong but have you tried ScrollTrigger.batch
  4. Can you use this for the parent element? display: flex; /* equal height of the children */
  5. Just to echo everyone else, yes an inspiring post. As another older person (seriously really old), and coming from an HTML/CSS coding background I was worried about asking a dumb question as my JS knowledge is limited. Finally plucked up the courage partially thanks to this post and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work everyone, this forum is a testament to what the internet should be and so often isn't.
  6. Thank you, much appreciated that works perfectly. Not easy to make the first post on a dev forum and thank you for the welcoming vibe there is here.
  7. Firstly new poster and more a css/html person so I maybe being stupid here.. I have tried the codepen included which works fine... until the page is more than 100vh; Am I missing something really simple? Sorry I just realised I should have provided an explanation, the mouse follower seems to dive down the page when scrolling past the page fold and appears again when above it..