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Black Panther is another story from Marvel's superhero stories, this time based on a black superhero.


We've seen a good example of this kind of movie with such a heroic subject in Blade download movie and serial except that the process of genetically changing the superhero in Blade was more in line with the context of the story.

Black Panther begins with a narrative narration of Kilmanger's father. That is, where the son asks the father about the root of Wakanda, and the father reveals the secret of Wakanda to his son. Of course, Wakanda's secret is nothing more than a theory of evolution developed by Homo sapiens.

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The impact of a leopard on the world and the awarding of the root of the Delnama plant by the leopard god Totem to a king-like superhero in Wakanda and the creation of the Homo sapiens generation is an excuse to start a superhero.

Of course download iranian movie the recent notion that Noah Harari's most popular book, Human Khorramand, as a defender of the Homo sapiens of Africa, is also against the creation of a wise generation of Neanderthals in other geographical areas.

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In any case, Vakanda is imagined as a region and a platform for the creation of the wise man of the Black Panther, and of course its people, who show the early Homo sapiens.


Of course download iranin serial making such a film from Marvel does not necessarily contradict the element of American politics. Clearly, at the end of the day, this agent is at the helm (played by Martin Freeman) and even saves the advanced technological vacuum from the danger of destruction and a kind of revelation