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  1. Great, thanks.. I realise some of the questions were probably frustratingly n00b! Still getting my head around the hierarchy and capabilities of the great LoaderMax.. Cheers!
  2. Further update... Adding autoDispose:true means children & queue being liberated from memory!!! Hooray! _queue.append(new DataLoader(_itemURLS[i], {name:"item_"+i, format:"binary", autoDispose:true}) ); Out of interest, in what case would you not want autoDispose:true? and how do you "manually" dispose of individual DataLoaders in a queue? If I have set autoDispose:true, does these mean I can no longer gain access to the content? thanks..
  3. OK a quick follow up to my last message.. It would appear that Flash/AIR is not the best at Garbage Collection. My tests tell me that you need to call system.gc() (upto) twice to get it to kick in. You also need do this a frame apart, so you need to set up an ENTER_FRAME event to handle these multiple garbage collection requests. Ref: http://www.craftymind.com/2008/04/09/kick-starting-the-garbage-collector-in-actionscript-3-with-air/ However, now that is sorted there does seem to still be an issue with removing items from the queue individually and freeing up memory. I
  4. Hi, Thanks fro responding over the weekend.. OK, so dispose(true) I will do that, thanks! As far as holding a reference to the content goes, I don't think I am as currently I am just downloading & then immediately disposing of the content (my NEXT step is to save the content to disk, but have yet to add that). So, is it possible that the fact that I am immediately disposing of the content while the queue is still running, could be upsetting things? I will try some cleaner simpler tests myself. Thanks for your guidance anyway.
  5. Hi, Just need to sanity check what I am doing and get best advice on clearing loadermax queue (and contents) from memory. So, I am using a LoaderMax queue in Air to download & store locally a series of assets (images, videos, pdfs). _queue.append(new DataLoader(itemURL, {name:itemID, format:"binary", estimatedBytes:_estBytes_general, autoDispose:true}) ); I should say at this point I am not yet doing the saving to local filesystem (so that is not influencing memory) So, Potentially I may have 100's of MB of files which may kill the app if I wait until the end of t
  6. Hi Greensock, I have a site that has sperate MC with their own Classes. Within these classes I have imported and used you LoaderMax tools for loading images in (a) and videos in (. However, when I come to load the Video and put it on stage I am getting: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert com.greensock.loading::ImageLoader@2a128ce1 to com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader. Now if I remove MC (a) then MC ( loads and shows the video just fine. I'm sure I've screwed something up somewhere, but i'm wondering why there would be this 'corss-talk' betweeen classes? Are we 'allowed'
  7. LoaderEvent.FAIL is what i'm looking for and that documentation will help a lot. Thanks for your perspective.. hopefully now I can work out what is going on.. Thanks again! Mike
  8. Also...I am loading many assets (12 large FLV, 24 small PNG). Am I correct in seeing many errors appearing while it is trying to get the pngs, but can't because the FLVs are loading. All the assets are loading eventually, but the loader is throwing many errors along the way. Just trying to understand what qualifies as an error... I there a setting for FATAL .. absolutely can't get an asset type failure? (Should I be opening more 'connections'? If so, what are the implications of this? Thanks Mike
  9. Hi, Is there a complete list of error codes/messages for video loading. I am trying to do different things depending on the error. For example: 1) If loader fails to load file -> Fatal! 2) If loader fails to load Mets -> Not so bad! Cheers Mike
  10. Great!!! Thanks soo much for your quick reply.. So i've done this, and it seems to be working a treat! var videoLdr:VideoLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("v_1"); trace("duration:" + videoLdr.duration) var videoContent:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("v_1"); addChild(videoContent); videoLdr.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, videoCompleteHandler); videoLdr.playVideo(); function videoCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("finished playing VideoLoader: " + event.target); } Thanks Again.. awesome support! Mike
  11. Hi, You loaderMax tools are awesome, but I can't seem to find any examples for what I need.. and I am urgently in need of them !!! I have loaded a set of assets using: public var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler}); and within a loop added the assets to the queue: queue.append( new VideoLoader(vURL, {name:"v_"+i, estimatedBytes:2350000}) ); queue.append( new ImageLoader(vThumbURL, {name:"vThumb_"+i, estimatedBytes:8500}) ); queue.append( new ImageLoader(vMapURL, {name:"vMap_"+i, estima