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  1. Also, as your PR manager, your favicon really should be (genuine feedback, your favicon doesn't really stand out right now)
  2. As your new PR manager I just thought I'd ask - is this course under construction, as in more future episodes will be available (obviously), or will previous episodes inject themselves into the timeline (so I might miss some in the sequence if i complete them now)? Had a few beers and thought "what better time to fight a viewBox?" (I've literally had a days-long-bug based on the capitalisation of view'B'ox 😄)
  3. This is awesome, thanks!
  4. Just thought I'd say I've been tracking Carl's svg lessons knowing that I should do them at somepoint, but this first mini project I just got by email looks quality. That is all. (Well except Carl, is there any chance one of your projects involves zooming into svg backgrounds?) I swear he didn't pay me for this 😄, but I feel like this series is morphing into somthing I should do, and I *hate* svgs **Edit: creativecodingclub.com 👍
  5. Amazing, thanks Carl. I've been through that Breaking Free of the Timeline course before and remember it being good, but I had even less idea what I was doing back then. Hopefully it'll stick better now. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help, both of you 🙂👍
  6. Hi Jack. Yeah sorry, I guess I overcomplicated my example because I'd been working on it. Was difficult to see what I was trying to do and "reordering rows" didn't help! I've now included a simplified demo below, but these are the sort of arrows I was talking about. Basically, if the arrow points right (because it hasn't been clicked before) and it's clicked, it should point down. If it's down, it should rotate up. If it's up, it should rotate down: Creating the simplified demo actually highlighted (one of) the problems I was having - I assumed the rotation was relative to the arrow's current orientation, not its initial position. So this demo now works as I'd like. The problem I still have is that a 'count' doesn't really work for my actual project, so I'm a bit stumped. I guess I could put a count property on the arrow element, but it would be nice if it could be done based on where the arrow is. I guess I'll have to have a think about it! https://codepen.io/nwoodward/pen/zYWQJyV?editors=1111 And yeah, I did think that maybe it was the animations interrupting each other, turns out it wasn't, but you're right, I do need to try and keep things in one timeline that I navigate through. I'm bad at that... here's my (broken) effort - No idea why it's rotating to 270 straight away... https://codepen.io/nwoodward/pen/WNzBaGY?editors=1011
  7. Am trying to get arrow icons to animate up and down when toggled, like you'd see when reordering rows in a table I don't *think* it's my logic that's messed up here, rather I think it's my understanding of the animation, ie the starting position/rotation of the arrow itself. Having said that, it *has* strangely worked a couple of times, so maybe it is my logic! 🤷‍♂️ The arrow always seems to end up with a rotation of 90, even when `animation180.reverse(0)` is called (which should end on -90, right?). Is it auto playing at the end (so backwards and then forwards again? **edit: apparently not). I had thought about doing this all in one timeline, but while I could work out how to get the animation to start at any location and go in any direction, I couldn't work out how to get it to stop. That would probably the more elegant solution, but I feel like this should still work? Anyway, I've not exactly had a good run of spotting simple errors recently, but I'm willing to look like an idiot again if someone's willing to take a look! 😄
  8. God I must have been tired, had a bit of a kip and that's painfully obvious now you've pointed it out - I mean it's literally in my project code😄 Thanks!
  9. It's something I've done in my projects with no issue, but doesn't seem to work in codepen? I know this is more of a general question, but I'm just trying to create a small code example and I can't even manage that 😄 (that's a laughing emoji, but I'm crying inside 😄) Has babel just been correcting me secretly in the background and adding the animation to the dom element's prototype?
  10. Ah perfect, thanks a lot for that!
  11. I must be going mad/am tired, why are these timelines running? 😄
  12. tl.pause(0) - knew there would be one that would make me look like I hadn't read the docs properly thanks!
  13. Is there a better way of going to the beginning of a (currently playing) timeline and remaining there than this: tl.pause(); tl.seek(0); ? Not that there needs to be, I was just wondering as I was looking through the docs
  14. Hi Jack - yeah I was using functions to return tweens to the main timeline, and the reference was created in the function, so I think it referred to an element that existed when the tween was created, but not when it was run. I make a habit of that mistake, but at least I spot it slightly better now! +1 on the harmless error. I'm just a massive pedant - I knew the error wasn't doing anything, but I'm going to be using this in my portfolio, and the occassional error in the console doesn't look great (and the first thing I'd do if I saw a menu animate something is click it fast ) Thanks for the advice though, appreciated!
  15. Hi Steve - yeah that's the approach I first went for, but it didn't seem to work. Your answer reminded me to check whether I was actually selecting the element in the onComplete... I wasn't, I was passing it, which was why it wasn't actually there. So thanks!