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  1. I am using pixiplugin. Using pixi and GSAP helped me to develop video editor but i don't have any stable solution to save in webm or mp4 format. Finally i decided to extract each frame as png and make a video from images. gsap.ticker.add( getFrames); function getFrames(){ //alert() var renderTexture = PIXI.RenderTexture.create({width, height}); renderer.render(app.stage, renderTexture); var frames= renderer.plugins.extract.image(renderTexture); } Problem is i get only 10 to 15 frames. I added alert() to check is all frame rendering. Since alert() slow down the process i get 58 to 60 frames which is correct. I tried even gsap.ticker.fps(30); but still same result. How to get all the frames? If i am doing wrong way please tell me correct way to get all the frames