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  1. I have to use a regular SVG element, my example is just an extraction, I have a lot of <g> elements that I will animate. I will also animate the wings of the bee, for example. The clip-path thing – I got this SVG from a designer. Is there a tool to improve this? I just know https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ and didn't manage to find this option there.
  2. Ah, btw: I use a high-performance Macbook Pro. And still, the bee seems a bit "jittery" – am I doing something wrong or could I improve something?
  3. Hey, y'all! Thanks for your warm welcome! I am impressed how responsive and nice this community is – I really appreciate all of this! Sorry, for the missing Codepen. I use a complex SVG in a Vue component and had to figure out how to recreate it there. @GreenSock Thanks for your minimal example – this really helped me out and now it works (I extracted just one element from the big SVG): https://codepen.io/wuergeengel/pen/f9416f989595d4284e7b6f5c99dc526d When will you release 3.4.0 – is there already a date? Cheers!
  4. Hi, I am new to Greensock and I really love it so far! Today I was struggling with setting a random duration on a tween or timeline object. I created a helper function that returned a random value for the duration. In the tween properties I called the function on the duration property. However, the random value only was set once and the function was never called afterwards, although the animation was infinite by setting repeat: -1. I found the property repeatRefresh, but the docs say: What am I doing wrong and how can I set dynamic values for duration or delay for each new repetition of my animation? Thanks for some hints in advance!