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  1. Hey ZachSaucier! Thanks man but tbh there are parts of this layout in the article I don't understand which has so far made combining these files kind of....well I'm struggling to say the least hahaha. I honestly just want to know how to replicate the animation part of it that uses GSAP to target any div I would like on the page. so far reading this code has made it very hard for me to actually find out how to do that.
  2. Hey Greenock! So I hope it doesn't come across like I'm asking anyone to specifically DO anything for me, just help point me in the right direction as to what this particular code is doing. In terms of working within web flow, its not hard to insert your own code by any means, it just can be sometimes a bit more limiting as your working within webflow's own CMS rather than your own <img> tags for example (if you were custom coding your own site from scratch). also to reference your own .js file is quite tricky so most (including me) tend to write in their own js on the page within a <
  3. Hiya everyone. I am new here but really hoping someone can help me out as I would love to use this amazing library to achieve this cool effect just posted on codrops; (https://tympanus.net/codrops/2020/07/01/creating-a-menu-image-animation-on-hover/). You'll see in the article it explains that the effect works on the direction of your cursor - actually it has two effects, one for when the image is revealed/hidden and the other for moving the mouse over the nav title. I'm trying to adapt the direction based element of this effect into a Webflow project and I am struggl