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  1. Hello @GreenSock, im facing the same problem and thank you for detailed explanation. I was trying to apply same logic to do the math you showed in example for translation, but the problem that im trying to translate both x, y values and can't achieve right behavior (in your example you are showing only translation by y axis). Perhaps you could help me understand how to do the right math, thank you.
  2. @GreenSock Thank you very much, you read my mind! This is exactly what I was looking for. I spent the last day trying to create this function myself, and I'm sure you saved a couple of my next days. Thanks for the great tool and for the patience in support!
  3. Thank you for creating such an amazing tool for animation and supporting community. I have a question about way how Gsap is creating an order of properties for transform while tween/set. As i understand based on documentation, skew properties come after scale properties (this is exactly what i need), but when im trying on a practice i see the opposite result where skew is coming before scale properties. Can you please help me to understand why this happen and how can i change this? I have attached codepen comparing two results: first one i've set up using css and pick the order by m