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  1. It's done https://codepen.io/animadraw/pen/rNxPKjL thanks ZachSaucier for your help
  2. ok, i go to try this, thanks for your help
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. But it's possible with bootstrap ? my grid's items have a 'col-3' class and if i click the button the class will be change to 'col-6' .. (sorry for my bad english )
  4. Hello, i want to create this sort of animation and i need your help please. How i can do this animation with gsap and bootstrap ? (see the gif) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/730034905685426204/735591611530084422/accessToken2.gif thanks for your help :)
  5. Hey, ZachSaucier Yes, i have create a codepen (no vueJS) the problem starts when we start the animation of the red square and we change the browser tab https://codepen.io/animadraw/pen/MWKGWoJ
  6. Hello, i use Gsap and our plugins with VueJS But, when I refresh the page after an animation, the animations are broken. In order for it to work, I have to go back to the top of the page and refresh again. The problem also occurs when I change tabs in my browser ... Do you have an idea please ?
  7. Thanks for your help, problem solved