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  1. hello zach,


    yes, Safari doesn't fire the event, Firefox does it and the intro animation works like it should be.


    @OSUblake the problem is situated as follows. i have a homepage with a stagger-animation of 3 sections, if you click one section i redirect to another page, until here everything is fine, but when you hit the browser back button Safari gives me an empty page since the animations where triggered and maybe cached or something, the same goes for FF. if i code the unload-snippet into it it goes well for FF but not for Safari. 


    if you have a better solutions, please share :) thx

  2. hi rodrigo,


    the "unload"-snippet works fine on modern browsers (ff 77) but doesn't work on Safari 11.1.2.

    maybe it's the same with flash, back in the days, where the browser back button wouldn't work for several years until the deeplink feature (js) came around.

    i'm wondering why gsap 3.0 didn't provide a good fix for this... 


    any chance you have an another solution?