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  1. Thank you guys, but unfortunately, this is not what I am looking for. I've already created the animation I need, you show good examples, but they have nothing to do with my question. Probably it's about css, or maybe it's about the gsap script itself. But I cannot understand the error. I recorded a video because we don't understand each other and I had to record a video with a bug, I put it on the google drive because I see no other option. I will try to explain again what the problem is and maybe you know the solution? When I change the width or height of my browser (chrome, safari, o
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vCj02unuSZI4K3-Opj1fzFD7LoOJved3?usp=sharing webflow has nothing to do with this. please watch the video, on google drive. In the video, I reduced the size of the browser screen
  3. http://dl4.joxi.net/drive/2020/10/19/0038/0786/2519826/26/9a4219b928.png Yes, sorry I have bad English. Click on the link above. Or open my site: https://discavery.webflow.io/ Animation works as I need, it's not about the animation itself. The point is that when we reduce the screen size, the photo is automatically cropped. Do you see it? Just try to reduce the size of the browser.
  4. Sorry, I had to create the code right away. Yes, I agree that tweenmax shouldn't be used, they don't matter. Even in this minimal demo, the animation breaks when the screen changes. Look again, this is what I mean: first open the browser not full width, scroll through the animation, you will see a nice parallax effect, then open the browser full width and you will notice how my animation did NOT adapt and the sea was cut off. https://codepen.io/GeorgeDesign2020/pen/wvWWjZX
  5. hello. I'm working on a project that uses gsap animation ScrollTrigger + smooth scrollbar, you can see the problem in the link below: There is a ship in the second block and in the background, if you open it from 1920x1080 and then reduce it, the sea is cut off and the animation breaks. What can you do with it? If necessary, I will provide godepen, I just did not recreate it. If it helps to solve the problem. https://discavery.webflow.io/
  6. thank you, the decision with important helped
  7. hey, you know how to turn off the scroll track in this example? i'm testing locomotive + gsap, it's ok, but i can't figure out how to remove this idiotic strip.
  8. thanks. I will try to take small steps
  9. https://codepen.io/GeorgeDesign2020/project/editor/AJnPPg# Friends. I faced a big problem in my project. I created an animation for the appearance of photos from mouse movements. But my animation conflicts and doesn't work with gsap.min.js I found out this way: I turned off each script and watched whether my picture animation worked or not and I found out that if I remove the gsap.min.js script, the animation works, but my smooth scroll disappears. You can see more details in my project. I concealed the script the gsap.min.js script for you to see the photo animation. Turn it
  10. GeS


    thank you so much! yes, i just signed up for your free gsap and barba js course, i am taking it with great pleasure! thank you!
  11. I will try! thank you for the quick answer!
  12. I read all the above and tried to understand how I should reinitialize scripts. In my project, gsap scripts don't update when you move from one page to another. https://codepen.io/GeorgeDesign2020/project/editor/ZLrYEY
  13. GeS


    Hello, everybody. Not so long ago I started studying GSAP and fell in love with its features. I have achieved almost everything I wanted for my project and not long ago I started to study the Barba js bibliography. My question probably concerns GSAP + Barba interaction. If you open the project and scroll through not much to a block with a project called Blue (there are guys on a moto), you can click on the photo and you will be redirected to another page, absolutely the same. Apart from the fact that the first block says: this PROJECT PAGE or this INDEX PAGE First the gsap animation is
  14. GeS


    this is just great! you are the best, thank you!!😍
  15. GeS


    Thank you very much for your help! It got a little better again https://codepen.io/GeorgeDesign2020/pen/VwaBJJo?editors=1010 it's still not as smooth as the cubberto and it's very important... however, I can no longer distract you. You've helped me very much and with your help I almost got the result I wanted. I will study the documentation and maybe I can find a solution. Thank you again. somewhere exactly in the center of the text stops for a second and then continues its movement again. It is striking to the eye. It is this almost invisible stop scroll. I scroll to 50% of the scre