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  1. Just updated the beta package. Yes its fixed. Thank you!
  2. Latest beta meaning the npm package zip file that you sent me yesterday? Or is there a newer version beta version. Because the issue in the video is captured with the 3.11.5 you sent via dm yesterday.
  3. Thank you . I used the npm package of 3.11.5 and while that solved the initial issue, it seems to have caused / uncovered another bug. When i pause the smoothscrolling instance, and open a overlay modal, it works fine as i scroll inside the modal. but while keeping the modal open and if i scroll outside of the modal (on the main page behind), you can see the page suddenly jump to the end of the scroll. (i know its the end of the scroll because if i close the modal, i can see the scroll bar at the end of the page and scroll up works as before) i cant replicate this error on codepen because of what seems like version conflict issues with the other plugins after replacing with your updated version (it already broke the original pen i added in the first post). but i captured a video on my actual code: 1a.mp4
  4. I mentioned this in another 'resolved' thread but i thought its another issue that deserves its own thread so here it is. Using ScrollSmoother, if the new speed option introduced in 3.11.4 is set to a value other than 1 , if you pause the smoother instance with this.scroller.pause this.smoother.paused(true), and then unpause it with this.smoother.paused(false) and scroll, the page jumps back / upwards. I saw an unreleased 3.11.5 version was shared in another thread. Wanted to try that, but im using npm and was wondering how i can fix this bug. Replicated the issue here on this pen: https://codepen.io/farisk/pen/PoBxWrL
  5. Replicated the issue here with a fork of OP's pen. https://codepen.io/farisk/pen/PoBxWrL As you can see, if a speed is set (other than value of 1), if you scroll -> pause (with the button in the top right) -> unpause -> scroll (the page jumps here)
  6. Apologies, the earlier question it was a mistake on my end. But i found another bug and will try to reproduce it in a pen. But when defining the speed , then `this.smoother.paused(true)` and then `this.smoother.paused(false)` and start scrolling again, the page jumps to somewhere behind. console logging the progress of the smoothscroller shows that the `this.smoother.progress` doesnt match before and after pausing it. is there a way of setting the progress manually ?