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  1. Hi! First thanks a lot for your exemples guys, they will help me a lot to learn. That's the first time I ask a question on a forum and honestly I'm really happy to see how it turned out. Now it's my turn to work! Thanks again! 🙏
  2. Hmmm okay! Thank you so much for your code and your help! I will play a bit with your code to understand where my errors were coming from! Thanks guys, you're awesome!
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer. To do the first test on CodePen I took this pen as an exemple : https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/QEdpLe But I still can't get it working, it appears again only when all the row has hit the right side, and the fourth column is resetting the animation when hitting right side. https://codepen.io/Kayoshi/pen/OJMpdvZ Will have to look at some tutorials to get better!
  4. Hi guys, I'm a student and I'm working on my portfolio. I saw a lot of great websites using GSAP so I decided to try it too! I've been able to create some cool animation so far but I'm having a hard time on this one : https://codepen.io/Kayoshi/pen/OJMpdvZ Basically, what I want is when my Fourth column (and all the others ones) hits the right side, I would like to see them coming out from left side. I did a little drawing on Paint to help you understanding what I want to achieve! Thanks a lot for your help, Kind regards