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  1. Agree ! It's totally cool that you'r not using any CSS in Gsap but you can make it compatible & provide docs for the ones who're willing to use it pseudo-elements. Reference Anyways, i have found a way to my solution. Keep doing good work 🧩
  2. Okay Let's just forget the Wordpress for a moment. So,Basically Gsap is ignoring pseudo elements (which is obviously HTML elements) altogether ? And i think we can't deny the importance of any basic HTML element. What do you think @mikel ?
  3. Hi @ZachSaucier CSS animation is an option, though i was using CSS animation to Ease-in my Text before i considered Gsap. The thing is now i'm using Content property on my Pseudo Elements to have numeric list in of specific order content: counter(li, decimal-leading-zero) which i can easily change in future by simply changing it's value. Suppose if i Ease-in Pseudo Element, there is only a possibility to ease them in 'Words' not 'Chars' & i wan't to to ease-in 'Chars'. So, i guess CSS isn't the solution here.
  4. Hi @mikel Using a <span> tag could be a possibility yes but unfortunately i'm working with Wordpress & there are certain limitation in this aspect. On the other hand i can easily handle pseudo element through CSS.
  5. Hi @mikel I have another question for same example with additional stuff. I'm having an additional (before) pseudo element in my list and as you can see it's not having Gsap animation because it's the pseudo element of our .split class. I wonder if there's any way to control these elements to have the exact animation as we are having for List Chars ? Here is Codepen Demo Edit: Sorry i didn't know if i had to open a new topic for this. Please let me know if i need to, thanks.
  6. Hey @mikel Got my solution by setting each: in stagger. Thanks for saving me Codepen
  7. Hi @mikel Thanks for your quick response. This solution is all i needed. Another little query, I see we can control 'char' speed in this function. My question is there any guide to look at how to control Timeline speed in this function. Sorry i'm a little confuse b/w different gsap versions. Best regards.
  8. Hi, I'm new here & need some help. I have attached my Codepen here. It's the Part of a bigger Menu. My Text is coming from Left to the Right, So is the is the all of effects & animations. Is there a way to Start the Opacity/Letter-spacing from Right (end of the sentence) to the Left side? So only Text will be Ease-in from Left to Right but all of the animation (Opacity/Letter-spacing) will go from Right to Left ? Sorry, if my question is confusing. Thanks.