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  1. Oh, i see now. I didnt notice: .bar {width: 10vw;}. very clever cheers mate
  2. Zach, is it also trivial to set the animation length to be responsive to the page width? edit: so the div always stops at the right edge of the carousel, no matter what size screen you are using
  3. edit: just realized this is possibly more of a vanilla JS job I am trying to animate a left to right moving image under a native horizontally scrolling "carousel". The idea is to simulate a scrollbar tab. Changing the scrollbar tab in CSS works great for desktop (see published and live implementation here: https://bit.ly/2Nb4tif), but Apple has taken over scrollbar styling on their devices, so I'm using a static image on mobile. Here is a basic codepen you can start with of the horizontal scroller: https://codepen.io/drewbots/pen/XWXpxLp I have been trying to use ScrollMagic to achieve this: https://codepen.io/drewbots/pen/rNxjWQW But I think we will ultimately need ScrollMagic plus GSAP. As far as I know, GSAP does not support horizontal scrolling or reacting from scrolling a specific div. I think it's about an hours work or less for the right person. Maybe this should be a forum post, but I don't want to just ask for free help, I'm not really a developer.