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  1. I have done as you have done. But it not working. Because my every section "position: absolute" for this reason it not working might be. Checkout my pin then maybe you will get some idea. https://codepen.io/arafnoob/pen/Yzwpevj
  2. I have tried lots of things after that I come up with GSAP. In gsap it is pretty much easy I know. But for the newbie I don't know how to do it.
  3. I really appreciate your answer. But it is very complicated for me Is there any simple way to do? Would you please give an example with my codepen code? Thank you
  4. As you can see in my codepen code there is a image and I want to fixed its position center in the section. When scrolling down it will follow the scroll. When the following section comes up there will be a parallax effect. That means image will stick at the bottom of that section and following sections going up over the image. Here is a simple example. Like the form on that website, I want my image but in the center of viewport. If you don't understand please let me know.
  5. There is a pen image as the background image on my site. http://araf.dynamicflowdev.com When scrolling down the image should follow the scroll but it delay, after scrolling stop then it change the background position. When scrolling up FAST, it shows full image of pen and give space to the top. Which I don't want. I want that pen stick to the top of that section. But when scrolling down it will change its position to down.
  6. If you have seen my website http://araf.dynamicflowdev.com then I think you understand what I meant. By the way here is the update https://codepen.io/arafnoob/pen/Yzwpevj
  7. I appreciate what you have given to me. But it is not what I want. But I will use this to my another project So advance thank you Check out this site http://araf.dynamicflowdev.com on the 3rd section where pen is in the background. that pen's position is moving when I am scrolling but not moving asap when scroll is moving. I have set whole section for "Scrub: 2" because I want the smooth scrolling. If you see in my website when scrolling down that background coming down but not catching the sidebar-scroll asap. Taking time to catch the sidebar-scroll. For this reason, when
  8. Hey there you can see I have a image in the second section. I just want to set the background position and move that when scroll. I know it is possible to do with the timeline but I have already used that timeline for all the sections. So, I don't know how to move that specific image when scroll. And I have tried this code. From & To. But this wouldn't work. I don't know why. gsap.from(".panel:nth-child(2)", { backgroundPosition: `2% 0%`, }); gsap.to(".panel:nth-child(2)", { backgroundPosition: `0% 100%`, scrollTrigger: { trigger: "#container", scrub: true
  9. Hey I solved it with the "<span>" tag and "data-url" attr. Whatever thanks to you
  10. Hey, I have a solution, would you please tell me? is there possible to add 'scrollBy' function in there??