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  1. @mado1 jajaja no! i'm argentinian
  2. Thanks @mado1 I will try it! And thanks @ZachSaucier ok, I will learn it and refactor my code. Maybe I'll be back here in a minutes to ask for help again jaja. Hope not!
  3. Hi, i'm having this problem with how the elements shows on my scene, this is my script: and this my html: I have this imgs whichs will appear when scroll, as the codepen example one of you update on this forum. But instead of being attached to the scroll event, my images appear one after other synchronizing with time but waiting the scroll (as I want). I thought it could be related with the attribute of time: '1,' I send to the function fromTo(); but if I remove it the last image cover the others. So I don't know how to solve it. (I'm pretty new on this) Thanks if someone could help me. Now my code works but not the expected way.