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  1. plz help guys I really need your help I try to find solution on website and don't find nothing that really help.
  2. pin with scrollTrigger kill the position to opacity When you scroll down it change to opacity to 0 and scroll up reback to 1 but the problem start when you change the screen size on smart phone to width instead height when it go down you need to change to width and return to height and it start the problem it do opacity not on same point and even don't do it a all I add a video to show my problem it very weird issue so plz help
  3. where can I report about a bug?
  4. When I change my screen size the element change his position for no reason if I create height of 600px it should inner element absolute to this height like 500px it should be inside and container because the container height 600px. moreover when I resize screen viewport to big it work well and when i change it to small it do problems what the reason the px still 600px and screen size not optional. Why it happened and how to fix it?
  5. It work perfectly but I miss understanding something. on 5:00 he said^ on "first time on record the values", so why he get in second render value opacity 0 to 0 instead 0 to 1. because on first record it was 1. on my example he remember the value from first render and when you add 500px and after add -100px he take it from start (on first record as well) So my question is how it doesn't work the same on his example? edit: if he was use instead new TweenLite only one but use '.from' in this case it was work and back to 0 without immediateRender:
  6. first thank for helping. It work for easy example but on enhance example with some start & end properties it isn't work anymore and jump to start https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/jOMXZZy
  7. I am trying to add jumps between boxes every jump go some right but on the last step it should go 100px back but he go back 100px from start / I use this instructions and still go wrong how can I fix it? This is my code 'immediateRender: true' to keep it from last step of 400px right and go back 100px => box should be 300px https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/jOMXZZy
  8. it really so hard to implement? because it think it supposed to be inside GSAP scope/ it happend only with this pin and spacing and it very weird
  9. and why I need to do it? without gsap or even with gsap but without pin it back to same viewport, but only with pin and show pinspacing area it go after by refreshing
  10. https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/rNMoxvM but you can't refresh it with codepen you need to run it with f5 for refresh
  11. Gsap - pinspacing on reaction after refresh after I refresh page and on viewport show pinspacing the page go down to lower container How can I block this jumping after page refresh? I want it stay in same place like everything after refresh
  12. I mean if you can fix that problem with gsap. but never mind it work only add to body width: 100vw; and it work perfectly . Thanks you for helping and Good Day
  13. Thanks . But it fix by top: calc(100vh + 300px); and if I want to use 1200px it be still a problem in my brain the height is const totalScroll = 1500; as px , but write calc(100vh + 300px); can be an issue for some cases Can you fix it from gsap or another way? I want it to be more clear
  14. I don't understand why you don't see it can you upload a picture? to see it. yes I think to add overflow but when I am doing it, it block overflow on top and scrolling on top gone just try it on code and you can see it. just add it on code and see what I mean I know no one need to help but I give him all info and he try to "lower head" and I hate people that doing this