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  1. that my css body { background-color: blue; margin: 0; } .parallaxContainer { position: relative; min-height: 100vh; } but in gsap i use +=2000 it mean 2000px height so when i try to use 1300px it should be inside and not outside
  2. my size is 2000px and i take top from 2000px i should be inside that parallaxContainer
  3. 'below the top of your parallaxContainer - and that is exactly where it is.' it now because the size it 2000px , and 1360px lower then 2000px. and why add 40000px can solve it ? anyway it doesn't work well have blue line lower the page
  4. ohh i don't see that comment ty. now the second problem i update my codpen for clearly https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/RwaLXrm when i set top as 1360px -> position: absolute; it don't show well and this supposed to show they size is 2000px
  5. log to link https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/RwaLXrm and scroll down you will see hexagon go up slowly but.. in some point that you keep scrolldown the hexagon stop go up That is my problem do you understand now? or you prefer a youtube video?
  6. plz help , it don't work as expected
  7. https://codepen.io/lichaytiram/pen/RwaLXrm when you scrolling down in some point it stack and hexagon isn't go up this is the first problem the second i will update later
  8. hi have another problem if i try to add something like that ``` .box { clip-path: polygon(50% 0%, 90% 20%, 100% 60%, 75% 100%, 25% 100%, 0% 60%, 10% 20%); background-color: blue; height: 50px; width: 50px; position: absolute; top:1360px; left: 420px; } ``` it shown too lower he isn't recognize that +=2000 for size . please try to fix it (try it)
  9. hi have a problem with that if you change your HTML to this 'data-speed="0.01"' it stack in some point for no reason How can i fix it ? i did it to add some div lower in page
  10. hi I have a question . What the different between 'end' ``` end: "+=" + (2000 - window.innerHeight / 2), ``` to ``` end: "+=2000", ``` And why do you split to two gsap objects?
  11. I want in yellow arrow it start the parallax
  12. i want the parallax start to show when we see half of screen and text or any start go up
  13. ok thank . I have more questions why you don't use 'const totalScroll = document.documentElement.scrollHeight - innerHeight;' and you use '2000' instead. and the second one how can i change it that scroll will start at time that i see that 'parallaxContainer' on bottom of the screen