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  1. Finally I've managed to make it work hading in package.json "gsap": "file:gsap-bonus.tgz", instead of "gsap": "./gsap-bonus.tgz", But I still need to have the tgz file on git, so what can I do for public repos ?
  2. Hello, I just bought simply green to use the drawSvg plugin in a gatsbyjs project, everything works fine in local, I had the gsap-bonus.tz in my project and install it with yarn, but then on deploy on netlify, it fails when installing the packages error "./gsap-bonus.tgz": Tarball is not in network and can not be located in cache (["/opt/build/repo/gsap-bonus.tgz","/opt/build/.yarn_cache/v4/npm-gsap-3.3.1-38dd657cb489402de56aad2275178632de412527/node_modules/gsap/.yarn-tarball.tgz"]) I've tried to have the tgz file in git (btw, how to had it to git if I don't want people to see it, here my repo is private, but it's not always the case), and it fails the same way...