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  1. Ok i tried this one, and it makes the job perfectly ! I'm not really a JS dev front (more HTML/CSS with a little bit of javascript), this is why i m kinda didn't get how to do your first solution ^^" (The first one does the job to tho) Anw, thanks !
  2. To visually see the bug : https://ibb.co/TLFdnn0
  3. Yep i'm on it const handleAnim = () => { let sideMenuBackground = document.querySelector(".sideMenu__background"); let sideMenu = document.querySelector(".sideMenu"); if (menuCheckbox) { gsap.fromTo(sideMenuBackground, {width: "0px"}, {width: "324px", duration: 0.2} ) gsap.fromTo(sideMenu, {display: "none", opacity: 0}, {display: "block", opacity: 1, duration: 0.2, delay: 0.2} ) } else { gsap.to(sideMenu, {display: "none", opacity: 0, duration: 0.1} ) gsap.to(sideMenuBackground, {width: "0px", duration: 0.2, delay: 0.1} ) } } Still have the bug tho but i'm making progress
  4. Oh I can see now that I m not so clear, to be more precise I do know fromTo, but in React it's different, seems that I need to import fromTo like this : import { TweenMax, fromTo, Power0, Power1 } from "gsap"; Since I did not need to import éfrom" or "to" I though fromTo would works the same way x) Gonna read the doc for fromTo in V3 ! Thx a lot !
  5. Hi, thanks for your answer In fact i'm already on v3 : "gsap": "^3.2.6", Thing is i tried to use fromTo on Reactjs but I couldn't find a way to make it work. There is not really a "how to use it" with React except this page : As you can see it's on V2, and no example with fromTo ^^" I tried several youtube guide, but they re alll doing this too. I'm kinda lost
  6. Hi everyone, I'm working on a projet where I have a menu, and a side-menu. Every thing is fine: when i click on the menu button the side menu opens, and when i click again it get back to close state. But if I click to fast the side menu closes but the text inside doesn't disapear, any idea on why please ? :) (I can't reproduce on codepen so I guess the code here and the two screen would help ^^" ) Screen 1: side menu is closed Screen 2: side menu is open Screen 3: side meni is closed but text inside is still visible My GSAP code: const handleAnim = () => { let sideMenuBackground = document.querySelector(".sideMenu__background"); let sideMenu = document.querySelector(".sideMenu"); if (menuCheckbox) { TweenMax.from(sideMenuBackground, 0, { width: "0px", ease: Power1.easeIn }) TweenMax.to(sideMenuBackground, 0.3, { width: "324px" }) TweenMax.from(sideMenu, { display: "none", opacity: "0", ease: Power0.easeNone }) TweenMax.to(sideMenu, 0.3, { display: "block", opacity: "1", delay: 0.4 }) } else { TweenMax.to(sideMenu, { display: "none", opacity: "0", ease: Power0.easeNone }) TweenMax.to(sideMenuBackground, 0.1, { width: "0", delay: 0.2 }) } } The "handleAnim" function is called in menu burger button and icons button: <nav className={`navList ${menuCheckbox && "navList__isOpen"}`}> <div className={menuCheckbox ? "menuBurger__nav menuBurger__cross" : "menuBurger__nav"}> <input type="checkbox" onClick={() => { handleCheckbox(); }} /> <span className="top"></span> <span className="middle"></span> <span className="bottom"></span> </div> <ul> <li> <button onClick={() => { handleCheckbox(); }}> <i className="fal fa-folders"></i> </button> </li> <li> <button onClick={() => { handleCheckbox(); }}> <i className="fal fa-balance-scale"></i> </button> </li> <li> <button onClick={() => { handleCheckbox(); }}> <i className="fal fa-receipt"></i> </button> </li> </ul> </nav>