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  1. Thanks for sharing , Liquid effect is just one part of it. I will try to recreate page transition effect and I think that is achievable with GSAP.
  2. I am trying to learn GSAP by creating new project. I chose to recreate https://dribbble.com/shots/14108886-Sculpture-Homepage-Concept this animation. I need help to recreate the liquid effect on video and image reveal.
  3. Ohh, Yeah Thanks It worked. By the way I am huge fan of your work saw some videos on YouTube.
  4. I am trying animate child of element dynamically on button click. Here is the code for selecting the nth-child I am passing ${c} as parameter to function. var child = CSSRulePlugin.getRule(`.main-overlay .child:nth-child(${c})`) console.log(child) TweenLite.to(child, {duration: 1.4, width: '100%', ease: "expo.inOut", stagger: 0.4}) But child is undefined, What is wrong with my code?
  5. Thanks for taking efforts, But I have solved the problem. But can you guide me how can I install and use CSSRule plugin.
  6. I am fairly new in GSAP animation. I am trying to recreate landing page and animate it through gsap to learn it better. What I want to there is two layers of slide changes. The one appear after page load I want to execute that when I click next button. I can't provide codepen link as I am using some assets. https://the-flash-sale.web.app/ Thanks for help.