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  1. I am trying to create a marquee animation, everything works fine but there is a flicker or something else you can see text shifting when animation restarts. I am not sure what causing it.
  2. Hello Manil, I like this job post and clear most of criteria i.e my current work experience is around 1 year and 9 months. I am familiar with GSAP as well using and learning from last couple of months. I'll get happy even if I get chance to appear in interview
  3. Hi, I am trying to add a sort of infinity scroll but before than I am stuck at the issue. In above pen i have 2 columns each have 16 images in it. I want to see all 16 images as i scroll down but it is not happening. I am pretty sure i using yPercetage is not the solution, but I don't know how to solve this. And idea how I can convert this into infinity scroll as well?
  4. I am trying to move text from right to left on scroll but it going way to fast. I tried increasing height of section but it was not working as expected. Please help me out here.
  5. I am trying to recreate a animation but I got stuck, I am trying animate overlays I want it to come from bottom when it increasing his height and it should go to top when decreasing the height of overlay. Animation I am trying to recreate : https://dribbble.com/shots/6711379-Xd-and-Protopie-make-a-great-combination
  6. I am trying recreate one dribble animation By Akram Khalid, When I tried to implement very first tween it working halfway fine then it suddenly completing whole animation. I am using npm package with parcel-bundler.
  7. It dose explain but I the function for getting image follow the cursor is quite confusing and complex at same time, I think there is some simple way but I don't exactly.
  8. I am trying to recreate a Codedrop post to learn and understand GSAP better, I am stuck at one point where when I move my mouse on any link the image should follow mouse as well mouse should be pointing to center of image. I figure how to move image but I am not able to position it very well .
  9. https://codepen.io/midnightgamer/pen/RwobvNX In this codepen I used code given by @mikel and added some thing what i need is when we scroll down and green triangle reaches red circle it should undraw just like the line.
  10. Thanks mike but this idea is not working from me as .draw not a single svg. It is array of svgs which i am trying to undraw as hand reach near the particular item. You can see animation when page load , I need revers the same animation but using scroll trigger.
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to get hands on scrollTrigger so I took a pen and tried to apply some tweens. I am successfully moving hands as I scroll down. What I want is to undraw the line as I scroll down. I tried but it didn't worked. Help me out and if there is something is wrong in my code please correct me.
  12. You any place where I can all these stuff. I am new in GSAP I want to learn GSAP for my career improvement. Do you know any platform or course that I can buy?
  13. First I tried your solution It was working fine for first section others were behaving strange then I added one class to each section set trigger to that class yet It didn't work. Then I tried to use forEach with ScrollTrigger.Create but I was not clear with concept so I skipped it. Lastly I duplicated same code 4 times and trigger each section by thier ID yet it didn't work. I don't have code as undo all the changes.
  14. This is nice but I want text box in each section and each section should behave like current effect. I tried with your code and try to figure some way out but fail It would be great if you help me out here. Thanks
  15. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-06/coronavirus-treatments-and-covid19-cure-research/12527034?nw=0 This is the refence website I want recreate white box with text. Left side is short of fixed but on scroll other white-boxes are appearing. Thanks for help.
  16. Hello everyone, I am fairly new with GSAP and ScrollTrigger as well. What I want is I have a div with some text in it I want to center it as user scroll it and later when it is center I want to expand it's height and width to cover whole viewport.
  17. I new in GSAP and trying to learn it by cremating new sites. What problem I am facing is I have 4 section and I am using fullPage.js to scroll 1 section at a time. I am using gsap to animate some elements. But all elements are getting animated. I want to stop it. Anyone help me thanks in advance, https://codesandbox.io/s/pedantic-mestorf-d8znp?file=/src/App.js:389-412 Sandbox
  18. I am trying to learn GSAP by making project. I had create this project Hosted site. I am using Farmer motion and GSAP. I added page transition but when I visit home page again there some animation that wan't to stop. git repo Thanks for help.
  19. Is there any platform where I can learn Farmer Motion?
  20. Thanks for sharing , Liquid effect is just one part of it. I will try to recreate page transition effect and I think that is achievable with GSAP.
  21. I am trying to learn GSAP by creating new project. I chose to recreate https://dribbble.com/shots/14108886-Sculpture-Homepage-Concept this animation. I need help to recreate the liquid effect on video and image reveal.