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  1. Thanks for helping me out, I did not knew concept of scroller it helped
  2. hey can you check question once again? I tried to make it more clear
  3. I want to achieve the following animation , but I am not sure how can i achieve the same when content within fixed height container are scrolled , so basically I want to collapse my "head" element when top of the 2nd box touch the bottom of "head" itself
  4. Damnnnnnn, sorry about this and thanks for help
  5. I am new to GSAP and animation. I am trying to make really simple animation where I want to rotate the SVG while it is rotating I want to be PINED and once it complete rotating I want to release the pin and move to new section. I applied everything but for some reason it is not getting pinned.
  6. I am trying to create a marquee animation, everything works fine but there is a flicker or something else you can see text shifting when animation restarts. I am not sure what causing it.
  7. Hello Manil, I like this job post and clear most of criteria i.e my current work experience is around 1 year and 9 months. I am familiar with GSAP as well using and learning from last couple of months. I'll get happy even if I get chance to appear in interview
  8. Hi, I am trying to add a sort of infinity scroll but before than I am stuck at the issue. In above pen i have 2 columns each have 16 images in it. I want to see all 16 images as i scroll down but it is not happening. I am pretty sure i using yPercetage is not the solution, but I don't know how to solve this. And idea how I can convert this into infinity scroll as well?
  9. I am trying to move text from right to left on scroll but it going way to fast. I tried increasing height of section but it was not working as expected. Please help me out here.
  10. I am trying to recreate a animation but I got stuck, I am trying animate overlays I want it to come from bottom when it increasing his height and it should go to top when decreasing the height of overlay. Animation I am trying to recreate : https://dribbble.com/shots/6711379-Xd-and-Protopie-make-a-great-combination
  11. I am trying recreate one dribble animation By Akram Khalid, When I tried to implement very first tween it working halfway fine then it suddenly completing whole animation. I am using npm package with parcel-bundler.
  12. It dose explain but I the function for getting image follow the cursor is quite confusing and complex at same time, I think there is some simple way but I don't exactly.