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  1. Ok I think I've got the reason why it works on the demo, but not in my project. Seems like the amount of nested DOM elements inside each panel causes the problematic behaviour. It works just fine up to a certain point of DOM-depth. With the next layer it randomly stops to work on each try of snapping. And another layer down it it totally buggy. I'll try to reproduce it somehow in the demo and keep you updated. Thanks so far!
  2. Well, I tried force3d and it for sure makes my animation a little bit more performant. But the original problem still exists. Just to be clear: the scrolling-movement itself runs just fine, but during snapping it acts like the animation gets killed after each pixel and starts again. Exactly like I've seen it before with the iOS-autokill-bug. Sidenote: And the original demo doesn't have snapping enabled, that's why I made a fork.
  3. Thanks for the hints! My lag doesn't act like a "regular" lag which comes from bad performance, but more like the mentioned issues on iOS. On any other device it works just fine. But I will add force3d anyway and test it out tomorrow at the office. (No iOS device nearby) Cheers!
  4. Hi! First of all - thanks for the wonderfull ScrollTrigger plugin! It's amazing! Now to my issue: When I try to snap on iOS I get some very laggy scrolling - just like back then with this issue: So now I wanted to know if there is a possibility to pass the autoKill attribute to the snapping. I tried to simply use it but wasn't that lucky I'm building something like this: https://codepen.io/team/pixelart/pen/mdVbobo In this codepen it seems to work, but not in my project (I can't see a difference). First I thought it is caused