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  1. Hi everyone,

    We just finished to develop our new website and we're looking for a GSAP expert to debug and optimised our scripts.

    You can have a look at the actual version of the beta site https://imaginastudio2020-beta.webflow.io/ password imagina20



    >On the homepage, fix the scroll animation, problems occurs when multiple scroll and when scrolled to fast, 

    >On the portfolio page, there're always a random project that stays hovered when reload

    >Others minors bugs


    We also looking for someone who can optimised it for every browsers and make it loading as fast as possible.

    So if your knowledge cover also webflow and javascript it's a real advantage.

    We don't have a fixed price. Let us know what would be your price or your hourly rate. 



  2. Hi everyone,  


    I'm looking for few days how to use the gsap plugin ScrollTrigger and ScrollTo together to create an automatic scroll from section to section as fullpage does. I think I'm understand well how ScrollTrigger works but I can't find good online exemple of ScrollTo... So I can't really figurate how make it :(


    Here is a good exemple of what I want to do

    See the Pen vwmOqd by Jean-Tilapin (@Jean-Tilapin) on CodePen

     but I think they use an old version and as my level in js & gsap is not really good I can't find how recreate this in my codepen exemple. 


    Thanks a lot for your help  :)


    Have a great weekend to all 

    See the Pen rNxeLNP by feulait (@feulait) on CodePen

  3. Hi there! 


    I'm newbie with GSAP but really enjoy using it!!! 


    I'm currently trying to build a hover for my site company that play a video on background when hovered. As you can see on the code pen exemple, it works great. My problem is:  I would like to pause the video after the the timeline reverse completely. I can find how to delay the pause fonction or using onReverseComplete in the timeline properties but nothing work... 


    Another solution would be to just pause the video and not going back to 0 but the fix img (.img) doesn't come back. But I can't find how to exclude the img animation when the timeline is reversed. 


    Thanks for your help :)

    See the Pen pogjbpo?editors=1111 by feulait (@feulait) on CodePen

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