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  1. Hi, Thank you for sharing the idea/document, this interesting but seem complex to me to start Back to my target, i try to create the moving elastic first, and below is what i play around so far https://codepen.io/nqtham68/pen/XWMveJG?editors=1010 Although i apply the default ease or my custom one but if far to look and feel as in sample on Dirbble. It seem that this animation contain at least 2 child animation (1 for moving card - that i try to reproduce above, and 1 for rotate card a bit when it start to move), how i can combine anim? using the timeline? And for general, is there any proper way to analyze 1 animation (from video, gif,...) and apply these to gsap?
  2. Hi, I'm newbie with GSAP, but very interesting in it.Thank for create amazing library. What i try to do now is create the elastic item animation when we swipe over the item list. Something that similar to this https://dribbble.com/shots/7900992-Olympic-Sports-Website (only focus on the card movement when swipe left or right) My first idea: - Using Draggable to create the swipe/scroll item list - Using stagger props to animate item one by one on swipe action But i dont really know how to start it, there are many new things here for me with GSAP Can you give me some hints or example to archive this? Thanks