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  1. Ah! Thank you for taking the time. This is perfect and so helpful! Thanks again.
  2. Hi Everyone! I have a timeline that plays and reverses based on scroll direction. I also use a mouse enter/leave function to trigger/control the same timeline. When using ScrollSmoother the direction overrides the mouse enter/leave functions (the timeline won't play until the scroll is at rest, even when I trigger mouse enter/leave events). My question: Can I overwrite the scroll control to prioritize the "mouse enter/leave" functions? Thanks, as always.
  3. pietM

    Stacking Splits

    This is great, @Cassie! Thank you!
  4. pietM

    Stacking Splits

    Thank you @Cassie ! I'll work on it! For now, I realize I can reset with an "onRepeat" function, rather than "onComplete". Thinking way too much over here. Thanks again! M
  5. pietM

    Stacking Splits

    Thanks, Jack! Okay, I have the splits sequenced (I think I was overthinking it), but now I'm trying to reset the heights to "0" after the master completes with an onComplete function. But it's not working. Have a look. https://codepen.io/evryali/pen/bGvRwyY Thank you!
  6. pietM

    Stacking Splits

    Thanks for getting back! In the example, there are three discrete splitText animations sequenced by a master timeline. timeline 1: 1/3 timeline 2: 2/3 timeline 3: 3/3 2/3 replaces 1/3. 3/3 replaces 2/3. Then the whole timeline repeats. Rather than fading each animation out, I'd like to stack them: So, after 1/3 completes, the text block gets pushed up to make room for 2/3 and so on. Does that make sense??
  7. pietM

    Stacking Splits

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to create a simple stacking, type-based animation, where 1/3 stacks on top of 2/3, measuring the respective height for each new section (see rendering) as it stacks. Thanks as always!
  8. @OSUblake Switching the order in my header.php(s) worked for me! Great updates! Thanks for all!
  9. Awesome. So helpful. Thank you @Cassie! I don't have much experience w/ .invalidate(), but seems extremely useful. (I know re:circ, 'cerc' reminds me of autechre?!?) Thanks again!
  10. HI everyone, Likely a common question, but I can't find a clear solution after searching the forums. I have elements in a div that distribute by flex after a "mouseenter" event. The widths are set to "auto," so they shift once the browser dimensions change. I think I need to add a "resize" listener: window.addEventListener("resize", () => {}) and collect the new widths with gsap.getPropoerty() after "resize" and tl.kill()? But when I try this approach it doesn't work. Appreciate the help and feedback. M
  11. Hi again @warkentien2 I was able to work to a solution with GSAP's horizontalLoop() helper. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/PojYwPp Thanks again for your help!
  12. Thanks @warkentien2 ! I'm familiar with all the slider libraries. Thanks! How about adding an autoplay function to this one? You can click the left / right side of viewport to advance the slider. https://codepen.io/evryali/pen/poWXbdQ
  13. Thanks for taking a look @warkentien2! I really appreciate. The container can remain at 100vw, but I want individual slides to have "auto" widths. Because each slide is set with an "absolute" position, I can't get the flex to distribute the slides without compromises to the slider functionality. Does that make sense? Here's a non-GSAP example for reference. https://codepen.io/evryali/pen/0b47c43127aebcc42a7cd6a674a93882 Basically, I want to keep all of the functions in the GSAP slider in the first post, but apply it to a container with images of varying widths.
  14. Hi everyone! Happy to pay someone to assist me with the enclosed pen. I can offer $50/hr. My question is how to calculate the width of the slide container with slides of varying widths. Otherwise, the pen works as needed. Thanks for looking!! https://codepen.io/evryali/pen/rNGyPev