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  1. Hi!, Thanks for your reply. The SVG I'm using in my project is a bit more complex than the one in codepen. The SVG i'm using has 29 paths. I tried to loop over the array, but sadly this results in only the last path being animated. Is there any way to make this more dynamic?
  2. Hi! I am trying to draw a text, but when I'm using the useRef hook the animation acts weird. Is their someone with experience using React Hooks and gsap? Or who already came across a similar problem?
  3. Hi Zach, Thanks for your quick reply! I think you're right about the pen not being saved, but I also think I can get on with my project with the information you gave. Thank you! I will update the pen for completeness when I have the time.
  4. Hi! I just started using the MorphSVGPlugin and I was wondering if I can change the transform value of the path. This is because the viewBox normally is not the same. But to use the plugin I thought I needed the paths to be inside the same SVG tag. Is there any way to change the transform value or the viewBox? For your information I am using ReactJs for this project.