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  1. Thanks so much! It'll be a huge help for me to stay up to date.
  2. You're totally right. I glanced at the releases and used to seeing them already expanded so I didn't even bother clicking that. I was completely wrong. I do love the release blogs with examples on how to use the new features. Is it possible to make sure they all get tagged the same in the future and maybe change the drop down tag filter?
  3. Sorry if the forums isn't the right place to post this kind of support request. I wasn't sure where else to put this outside of tagging @greensock on twitter. Thanks
  4. I like to keep up to date with GSAP releases. Unfortunately, the github releases don't have a changelog or release notes so subscribing there is not helpful. https://github.com/greensock/GSAP/releases The blog posts have a lot of good info but they are not tagged properly as releases from the drop down filter. I found that the newer blog posts use "release" tag instead of "releases". So this RSS feed worked for me https://greensock.com/blog/?rss=1&tags=release but this one had the last update from version 2.1 https://greensock.com/blog/?rss=1&tags=releases I just wanted to point it out and hopefully future blog posts could be tagged properly or GitHub tags will get release notes. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the thorough explanation. That is very helpful and I was able to confirm with your examples what I was seeing. Can you help me understand the difference between timeline.progress(0) and timeline.time(0)? Is there a safe way to not have multiple timelines interfere with objects on the page? Would putting the timelines in functions and then setting timeline.progress(0) be sufficient to reset objects to the state when the page loaded?
  6. I'm trying to make a single page with different timelines on it. I want buttons that reset all the other timelines and then play just the one. This is a very simple example of 2 timelines and 2 buttons. If you click tl2 the animation plays but tl1 doesn't do anything. The animation is just a very simple example and my actual animations are much more complex. Looking for some help on why the buttons don't do what I would expect (play the timeline on click and reset other timelines) and if there's a cleaner/better way to set this up when I have more timelines (5+) on a single page I would like to do the same thing. Thank you