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  1. Hi Zach, Thanks so much for your advise we are going to work on this and get back to this forum with solution if we find it maybe it will help someone else
  2. Hi Zach, Thanks so much for you advice. If I understand correctly you would use raster images(jpg/base64) for background and astronaut and then animate the flag + shadows. Wouldn't this give us trouble with scaling/responsivness? Also load time would increase on the website because of the use of the extra bytes the images have. What I don't understand is does the SVG code load once or does it load entire background each frame of the animation? Isn't it possible to load svg code for background once then just render the animations becasue I feel like other websites don't have the big load on cpu where i also see detailed animations like this one: https://www.posh.tech/ Thanks so much for your reply and the link realy helps!
  3. Hi all, We made an animation for our new website (check codepen) and notice extreme high CPU load when displaying the animation. We tried simplifying the animation but it didn't really work. Any tips or advice on how to lower the cpu usage because we know svg animation is a high on cpu but on slower pc's it sounds like we are going to take off Any help is appreciated! https://cdpn.io/Vonwelzen/pen/ZEbNrLX