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  1. Hello, I have an issue that I haven't been able to fix. I have a scrolltrigger moving some pinned images right to left and the final images has to stay close to the edge of the screen. The issue is when there is a resize it seems that the scrolltrigger just breaks and I don't know exactly how to handle the resize. I try to kill the tween and created again but it does nothing. Edit. It looks like the codepen is not working, don't know why. I had to open it and then click run to make it work.
  2. Thank you! Little mad that this is not documentation but thank you for the help! I actually had to put it on 0.9 in my real project since the font is going to be much bigger than the example, but it still works!
  3. I have this issue with SplitText where the text inside a <span> is breaking into another line and I have no idea how to fix it. According to the docs they spans shouldn't be a problem, but I don't know what is causing this In my example, the "this is the THIRD line" should be on the same line
  4. Thank you for the answer, It was actually more complicated than using just the selector (just how the project is setup) but this give me the main idea of how to do it
  5. @PointC any update on when can I expect the update? Or is there a workaround I can use for now?
  6. @GreenSock any updates on when the update is coming? Or is there a way to download the beta with NPM?
  7. Hey guys I have a very weird issue happening. First I was trying to create a CodePen but I can't replicate the issue there. I created a simple code example, so I have a tween on a timeline and I need functionality when the tween starts, the problem is that the onStart() function being trigger twice for some reason. First I thought that my function was being called twice but that is not the case. I did some research and I found similar issues but way back. Since I don't have a codepen to show, this is the example code that I have nextSlide(){ console.log('enter function') gsap.timeline() .to(this.ImageSections[this.currentSection], { onStart: ()=>{ console.log('enter OnStart() Timeline') } }) } And this is the console log. So I can see my function is being trigger once, but the onStart() is being called twice for some reason
  8. @GreenSock The border class is there just for testing purposes. I can add a class to the paragraph that has the button on my real case project but I can't a class for every paragraph that doesn't have a button
  9. Hey guys, I'm using SplitText plugin to show like a typing animation, the problem is that sometimes I have buttons inside the paragraph and the plugin is also typing those character when I don't need the text inside the buttons to have that animation. It's there a way to get avoid that text to be splited? I try several techniques, one was to remove the paragraph with the buttons outside of the SplitText animation, the problem there is that I need the movement to the next line
  10. @OSUblake @GreenSock Thank you for the response. I was able to update my markup to make work but thank you for the information, this will help me in the future.
  11. Hey guys, I have a problem with a tween. I have a SVG with some tailwind css and there is breakpoints where I center the absolute positioned SVG but whenever I apply the y property, gsap uses a translate instead of translate-y which causes my SVG to not be centered anymore because it overwrites my x value. How can I tell gsap to not apply any CSS on the x axis?
  12. @mikel It's there a way to skip text on the SplitText plugin? On this example I have 2 buttons on a paragraph but SplitText is animating the text inside the buttons, is there a way to not do that only on the buttons text? https://codepen.io/godhandkiller/pen/bGWNVbY
  13. I was able to achieve my desired behavior, this is the updated codepen https://codepen.io/godhandkiller/pen/bGWNVbY?editors=1010
  14. @Trapti I was able to update my codepen https://codepen.io/godhandkiller/pen/bGWNVbY So whenever the line finish I try to move the master timeline up, but it only moves once, any Idea how can I make it so it keeps moving up? @OSUblake thank you! i read the documentation and I was able to change it to 'from'
  15. Thank you for the answer, I have a question, I notice you're using 'staggerFrom' but isn't that an old function? I have use that with gsap3 Also is there a way to move the text up when the line finish writing the text?