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  1. Thanks for the update @GreenSock, I don't notice a difference right now... cleared chache and all. And the problem is in all browsers for me. Just to be sure, because I just noticed I didn't go through the steps to replicate in my last post: Scroll down either to section 1 or section 2 (after section 3 it doesn't glitch, I'm guessing because its where the ScrollTrigger with snap ends), then resize the codepen window (vertically or horizontally). On the next scroll, it will suddenly jump and when you scroll back, it doesn't let you go beyond the section you were in. Here's a quick screen recording I just did in Chrome: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OrJvjuE9ieHdgcWqqZZpRwVC83hv200Z/view?usp=sharing Hope this helps!
  2. @GreenSock I'm back 🙃 but now I was able to pinpoint the problem to a scrolltrigger that is snapping to different sections and I created a CodePen that reproduces the problem https://codepen.io/diegoatmaniak/pen/MWQaMQx
  3. Yup! nevermind! I have a ScrollTrigger implementation that is creating some sort of conflict with ScrollSmoother on resize. I'll check my code!
  4. @GreenSock oh! I implemented ScrollSmoother recently on a site, I don't have a CodePen demo and since the problem I'm seeing is the same described above, I thought that maybe I didn't have the fix. Basically if I resize the window with the page scrolled down, it glitches and doesn't let me go up after that. I'm certain that is ScrollSmoother because if I remove it, it doesn't happen. I have many Scrolltrigger transitions on that homepage so I could guess something is interfering there, but I would have to test. Thanks for the quick response!
  5. Hi! I'm having this same problem on a website I'm building but I noticed in the CodePens the fix comes on a 3.10.5 version of ScrollSmoother but the latest I get is 3.10.4. I'm getting it from NPM, is there a way to get the new version from there?
  6. I need to update the width to full screen of my red box when the user resize the screen to bigger and the scroll is on the top before resize after
  7. I tried that but I was debugging and when I use the onRefresh function I still have occurrences of refresh
  8. I'm having the same issue as the OP, the scrollTrigger end and start keeps jumping when the browser navigation hides and I can't find a way to solve the issue
  9. I want to install the 3.10.0 version of the scrollTrigger plugin that you guys are using in this code pen https://assets.codepen.io/16327/ScrollTrigger.min.js, is there a way that I can get that version?
  10. Hi @GreenSock, thank you for shared that. Do you have some installation steps for business accounts?
  11. Hello, I have an issue that I haven't been able to fix. I have a scrolltrigger moving some pinned images right to left and the final images has to stay close to the edge of the screen. The issue is when there is a resize it seems that the scrolltrigger just breaks and I don't know exactly how to handle the resize. I try to kill the tween and created again but it does nothing. Edit. It looks like the codepen is not working, don't know why. I had to open it and then click run to make it work.
  12. Thank you! Little mad that this is not documentation but thank you for the help! I actually had to put it on 0.9 in my real project since the font is going to be much bigger than the example, but it still works!
  13. I have this issue with SplitText where the text inside a <span> is breaking into another line and I have no idea how to fix it. According to the docs they spans shouldn't be a problem, but I don't know what is causing this In my example, the "this is the THIRD line" should be on the same line
  14. Thank you for the answer, It was actually more complicated than using just the selector (just how the project is setup) but this give me the main idea of how to do it
  15. @PointC any update on when can I expect the update? Or is there a workaround I can use for now?