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  1. Hello ! I have a problem, I have to make a kind of slider work that changes the slide when I click on the sidebar that has the color of the next slide. The first step works to switch from the first slide to the second one by changing the classes home-clr1 to home-clr2 in the html tag and slider__nav--1 to slider__nav--2 in the sidebar, but when switching to the second step (slide 2 to slide 3) they revert to home-clr1 and slider__nav--1 instead of switching to home-clr3 and slider__nav--3. I put an example on codepen attached to this message. Do you have a
  2. @akapowl Now that you say it i feel a little silly lol thanks for your quick reply !
  3. Hello, I have a problem with my animation, at the very first click it starts again as the menu had already been opened. Can you help me ? Thank you !