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  1. Ok, thank you! I thought there was an easier way to fix that...let's go back to work then 😃
  2. Hi Zach, I'm trying to find out if there's a way to load the TweenMax script without interfering with the GSAP library of Revolution slider, or maybe, using the already-loaded Revo library (and modify the animation code) to resolve the conflict and make the animation work again
  3. Hello, this is the CodePen demo: https://codepen.io/PhilFiddler/pen/QWjJOmK
  4. Hello Zach, for that animation I took and modified a snippet find in a post (a bit old infact, the post is from 2015) on this forum since the code did exactly what i needed. the animation rotates 4 planet on click, but with the last release of the plugin revolution slider (that also use GSAP) the positioning of the element is broken. I'll develop a codepen demo for showing the correct animation
  5. Hello, i'm trying to resolve a conflict problem with an animation I made for a website with TweenMax. With the last update of Revolution Slider the animation doesn't work anymore and I think that the GS script loaded by Revo Slider conflict with the tweenmax script i recall from my functions.php files. The browser console tell me that there is a problem with the "bezier" function: " Invalid property bezier set to {type: "cubic", values: Array(13), curviness: 1} Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() - on rbtools.min.js?ver=6.0:32" Does anyone else have this problem?