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  1. Well, that´s so simple I could´ve never thought about it. Thank you!! This with everything else ScrollTrigger does should be the way to go here
  2. Thanks for your quick response OSUBlake! "Hiding" them is exactly what I want to achieve, but the requirement of a scrolling container won´t let me use body {overflow: hidden;} and I´m sure you can give me even better reasons to not use::-webkit-scrollbar {display: none;} ?
  3. Hello guys, is there a way to "actually" get the scroll behaviour of uncuerillas example (https://katiforner.com/) using ScrollTrigger? I totally get the codepen ZachSaucier posted, but couldn´t edit it so that I can get rid of all Scrollbars. Is the Plugin actually depending on the body being >100vh? The rest of the Codepen´s structure looks like it should work - #viewport having the size of the browser-window, #scroll-container being bigger and translated inside of it... Hope this (smooth scroll without any Scrollbars) is possible with ScrollTrigger?! Thanks!