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  1. Works perfectly! Thanks a lot buddy, had me stumped for a while 🙃
  2. Hey guys, I have an issue where if i hover on and off the link too quickly the animation will still play (in this case scale:2). I'm guessing this is because the animation happens in 0.3s and if the mouse is off the link before then, then it will not detect the mouseLeave or mouseout function on the 'a' tag. Question is: How do I stop the animation from happening once the user goes off the link if it happens before the 0.3s? PS. I'm still new to GSAP, transitioning from DIY javascript so i'm still getting used to how things work. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I'm a little stuck here, i've kinda modified the sliders so that i have a more fluid horizontal scroll and so the next section is just slightly in page view. However i'm stuck with how to implement the Next and Prev buttons, is there a way I can change the variable of my current slide as I am scrolling? I'm super lost 😕 Here's a link to my codepen, any tips would be greatly appreciated! https://codepen.io/KeithPaul/pen/WNQZxyj