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  1. I used the backgroundPositonY property to animate background-postion-y css. It works fine in chrome and IE, but not on firefox. Where should we post issues ?
  2. My code was like this tl.add(some stuff here) .add(some stuff here) .add([ TweenMax.to(this.theclip,0, { alpha: 1 }), TweenMax.to(another tween) ]) .add(some stuff here) ... I solved this by using set method of timeline object like in the codepen you gave me. Thank you
  3. I just notice an inconsistent behaviour. Tweens with duration = 0 immediately sets final value. This is not consistent when queuing them in timeline. I understand that it is an optimisation, but it should not do that when tween is queued.
  4. bokan

    playTo() method

    Thanks Carl, it works this way. Maybe this should be handled in the tweenTo method. But I still have several quesions : - does it respect the original timeline speed ? - does it fire events of nested timelines ? - performance wise, creating a new tween each time is not the best. Isn't it better to use a TweenMax instead of TweenLitle, and dynamicaly change destinationTime ?
  5. bokan

    playTo() method

    Thank you jamie for your answer. Here is a codepen that shows the problem of tweenTo when it is called repetitively. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/mFzBt I think it would be an improvement for GSAP.
  6. bokan

    playTo() method

    I need a method wich description would be : ---------------- playTo() method public function playTo(position) Adjust the direction (forward or reverse) and plays until the position is reached. It does nothing if the timeline is already playing in the right direction. Parameters position:* The time (or label for TimelineLite/TimelineMax instances) on which the animation should stop. ---------------- Is there any way to do it wit current version ? tweenTo method would be ok, but it does not work well if it is called repetitively. From a mousemove event for exemple. Also it does not set isActive() to true nor it update the reversed() value, wich I need.
  7. Thank you Jack for your quick reply. I will investigate in this direction. I spent too much time on this (more than month), but I think I got something pretty nice.
  8. I'm creating a video player with a smooth fine scrub function (frame by frame). I do that by loading video in background, caching each frame in an array of bitmapData. I cache only 2 sec before and after current position (125Mb of bmp). The system requires lot of skipping. I took care of skipping only to keyframes, (the first frames of GOP). I skip only to the time of metadata seekpoints. Each jumps behave the same : it correctly display the keyframe them misses 5 to 6 frames then display the remaining frames normally. I first thought that the _ns.time property was not accurate so I embeded the frame number in a binary barcode into the frame. So I can accurately get frame number. like here http://nikohelle.net/2011/11/25/as3-perfect-video-sync-with-embedded-frame-numbers/ Any Idea on how to get keyframe+1 image just after a jump ?