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  1. Thank you for the answer. Actually my problem is not to draw a complex plot (I use Canvas to do this), but to animate. Thanks
  2. Hi, I've already made this work in AS3 (http://forums.greensock.com/topic/257-drawing-with-tweenmax-solved/) That's working very fine. Now, i'm trying to make this work with JS....But right now, it doesn't work. Is anyone could help me? Thanks a lot. function buildPathTimeline($points, $graphics, epaisseur, color){ var timeline = new TimelineLite({paused:true}); var p //point var strColor; var numEpaisseur; var dx; //distance on the x-axis var dy; //distance on the y-axis var d; //distance var pen; //stores information about the coordinates and previous points for each one in the Array for (var i = 0; i < $points.length; i++) { p = $points[i]; strColor = color[i]; numEpaisseur = epaisseur[i]; pen = { x:p[0], y:p[1] }; dx = p[0] - 10; dy = p[1] - 10; //d = Math.sqrt(dx * dx + dy * dy); timeline.add(new TweenLite(pen, 0.5, { x:p[0], y:p[1], ease:Linear.easeNone ,onUpdate:updateLine, onUpdateParams:[$graphics, pen, numEpaisseur, strColor] } )); } return timeline; } function updateLine($graphics, $pen, epaisseur, color){ $graphics.lineTo($pen.x, $pen.y); $graphics.strokeStyle = "#000000"; //color $graphics.lineWidth = 5; $graphics.stroke(); } context.beginPath(); context.moveTo(20, 20); myPath = buildPathTimeline(pointArray, context, epaisseurArray, colorArray); TweenLite.to(myPath, 20, {currentProgress:1, delay:1.5});
  3. Yes, thanks for the answer. I'd already seen that but i have a lot of data like an image url or a color that transform.matrix does not contains. So, I don't really know how can I record all this informations.
  4. Hello, I have a user interface which is allow the user to create some contents like add an image, text, video. This user interface is using the TransformManger. Is there an (easy) way for implement an undo/redo function? Thanks for help and the answers
  5. Hello, Is there a function to copy/paste a TransformItem? If not, how can I do this easily? Thanks a lot for answer. Florian
  6. Thanks for answer. Problem corrected. It was due to a wrong config with the cross domain access and the youtube player. Bye
  7. Hey, I'm trying to add a youtube video as an TransformItem in my TransformManager. Actually, It doesn't work. (The video is added on the stage but i can't rotate, scale or move) I'm using the youtube API V3 for flash AS3. Any idea? Anybody knows this problem? Thanks for answers