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  1. Hi Craig, your support was a great gift. Here is my product. It will never be finished, but now its 2 o clock in the morning and I am happy with it. From a professionals view point I bet there is quite a lot to improve. If you have some suggestions, I will be more than happy to incorporate them. Here is the link: https://codepen.io/Ted_1958/pen/KKdOeWp Have a nice day, Detlev
  2. Thanks for all your support. I am almost finished and have published my work here: https://trinket.io/library/trinkets/b6c56f7922 I have one problem left to solve. The items, which are animated are always in the foreground. I want to cover the edges of the rectangles, which show to the inside of the saw blade. Then it will look more like the teeth are sitting on top of the edge. I mean, there should be no more black line facing inside and for this I just wanted to fill a copy of the motion path with color and put it on top of the motion path. Somehow this copy does not stay in the foreground. If you have a hint, it will be fine. Thanks again and have a nice weekend, Detlev
  3. Many thanks, Craig. Yes, it looks like I am at the very beginning. As soon as I have cleaned up my svg I implement your code and send you the codepen, so that you can pat on my shoulders. This will take 2 days and then you will hear of me again. Thanks for your fast and absolutely professional support. It feels good not to be left alone with problems, which are quite far over my level of experience. Thanks again, Detlev
  4. Hi, I am a real beginner and I am sorry, that my svgs are so messy. I used an old CorelDraw program, that pumped it up with g-tags. I try to make the teeth of the chainsaw in our logo move. I gave them all the same class "zahn" (which means tooth), but they simply refuse to move. One simple rectangle is moving, but 2 or more dont. I used a for-loop, that loops over all items in this class, but still no action. Any support is very much appreciated. Before I forget, my svg pops up in the beginning, although I think I blocked it properly with the eventlistener for "load". Do you have an idea for this? Have a good evening,Detlev