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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to colorize an image with 3 different colors, a different color each second, exist way to do that with greensock?
  2. Hi Zach, thank you, that really helps a lot, but the real thing that are pissing me off is the moment when the images change, how can I make that transition smoother? More specifically, I can see as a "flash" when images change, I want to avoid that "flash" in order to give more fluid to the image swap, is that possible? mi TL: _tt .set('#creature1', {css:{backgroundImage:'url(img/creature1.png)'}}) .set('#creature2', {css:{backgroundImage:'url(img/creature2.png)'}}) .to('#creature1',0.5,{y:-202, ease:eo2}) .to('#creature2',0.5,{left:-2, ease:eo2}, "0.2") .to('#machine',0.5,{right: 0, ease:eo2}, "0.7") .set('#creature1', {backgroundImage:'url(img/creature1_mov2.png)',ease:eo2}, "+=0.05") .to('#creature1',0.5,{x:40, y:-199, ease:eo2, scale: 1.1,}) .to('#creature2',0.5,{x:14, y:-14, ease:eo2, scale: 1.1,})
  3. I try to make this transition of backgrounds avoiding the space without images just at the middle of the transition, is that possible? .fromTo('#creature1',0.1, {backgroundImage:'url(img/creature1.png)'}, {backgroundImage:'url(img/creature1_mov2.png)'})