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  1. Sorry, maybe my explainations was not so good. Your answer is about the bounds on my first example, but using "bounds: canvas" is the same, no ? That said, on my first example (with Draggable) I would like to have the same drag effect from my second example, a sort of "easing" when the container follows the cursor position. But I don't know if GSAP allows that. If it does'nt 🤥 do you have an idea how I could allow the bounds animations on the second example ? At the moment, if I reach the bounds, it just stops. Trying to explain as well as I c
  2. Hi Zach, thank you for taking the time. I found another example on the forum before seeing your answer, so here is my current result : https://codepen.io/mvuidev/pen/VweVwXK Can you tell me if i'm doing it right ? I have another question : Draggable is cool, but there is a dragging effect I really would like to get : https://codepen.io/mvuidev/pen/zYrMxxv You see the effect i'm talking about ? I could use this version to drag the container (with the dragging effect) but can't use the inertia on the bounds... So if there i
  3. Hello Greensock team ! I tried to achieve what i want before posting here, but finally need some help... Basically, I'd like to be able to drag a Pixi container with the Draggable plugin and inertia. Also note that the container is wider than the canvas, so have to correctly set the bounds. I tried with a proxy but can't figure out how to sync the container position with the proxy one. Any suggestion or example ? Thank you !