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  1. Hello my friends Im trying to animate my close icon (without SVG i prefer divs) with GSAP; but I don't know why my divs are so bugging when I animate them Can you please help me to animate this and to understand what failed ? thanks
  2. Good afternoon everybody I saw different topics related to my actual question but I did not manage what I want yet. And I do not know how to resolve my issues..... I created a Code pen to show you what I want to create: a canvas that displays a different image (related to the list item) on hover of the list item. I recently saw this effect on different websites and I am wondering how to reproduce it (if that's possible?.) thank you
  3. Hi Zach, I would! But can I use it to create a sort of slider ? Thanks I mean like this
  4. I agree!!!, and I tried so hard but i still don't understand how to display one console.log when I use the onWheel event. Do you have a fix? Thanks for your answers
  5. Hey, I'm back and still lost about onWheel events with React and GSAP (I'm sorry.....). I read a post (here) weeks ago, and I still don't understand. I hope someone can help me... Here's a simple example of what I'm expected to create: a simple slider that can change with the onWheel event with React JS. https://codesandbox.io/s/elegant-voice-8kqcb?file=/src/App.js Perhaps I'm doing wrong, I don't know... When I'm scrolling, the third element appears directly and I don't know why. Thanks a lot in advance
  6. Hello ZachSaucier I'm sorry my computer had some problems. I tried to create a preloader with percentage and add a simple gsap settings. But nothing is happening. I hope someone can help me on that example. Thanks to you https://codepen.io/patmag/pen/gOaQovm
  7. Thanks to you a lot ZachSaucier ! Your explinations are very useful!! I'm sorry that my question is not really about GSAP. Do you have any links about that type of preloader (with your method), animated with GSAP ? thanks again
  8. ¡Hola Sorry in advance for my bad english. I need animation developers advices. Please I begin creative development with react (js not native) and i don't know how websites created preloader with percent animations : https://jasonbradley.co/ https://heycusp.com/ I'm a beginner and i try to use react hooks but I don't know how to create this kind of animation. And above all: how to create the percentage when content is loading. How is it working please ? Thanks to you nice developers