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  1. I'm basically using your code on codepen with slight adaptation https://codepen.io/ZachSaucier/pen/PoqxzMV
  2. Hi again, So my project is going well. I have added some filters, some webgl and I'm close to what I wanted. I just have one last problem, I would like to have a click event on each element and so doing that is not the part wich I have a problem with but my click can't go through the "mask" so mouseenter is never actually running. How can I go through the mask and actually recognize when I'm hovering an element ? Thank you and here is a little screenshot of my advancement
  3. Yes ! Sorry I didn't have the time to come here before now and tell you this ! But it's really great, I still have a long way to go ! So I will continue my project and hopefully I will be able to show you the final product
  4. Thank you, I just have problem with your code and I don't know if you can help me with my error, it works really well on codepen but when I try to implement it in my project, I got a problem. I'm studying react, so I try implementing it and actually my error is when calling your checkPositions function. So I have this: updateCenterElem() { let elems = document.elementsFromPoint(winMidX, winMidY); elems.forEach((elem) => { if(elem.matches(imageSelector) && !lastCenteredElem.isSameNode(elem)) { lastCenteredElem = elem; this.checkPositio
  5. Yes thank you, I actually followed a bit what you did in your pen and so I have my grid that is floating with a timeline but it is not infinite, my elements only appear once and if I drag my mask, then the elements would not be visible anymore, how can I repeat them not matter where I drag and make it appear like they are everywhere ? Maybe there is my answer in your pen and I did not see it But big thank you for your help !
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to implement this effect from this website https://isolation.is/. The grid moves by itself and the animation repeat itself as the items always go back to their starting position. Actually it's not only that, once an item goes past a certain point, the element is taken and positioned at the end of the div (so just append in js I guess). First of all I need to make the grid, in the website though there is no row (as in no parent div for the items) so I have a bit of trouble understanding how it's done. I guess I would have to use gsap.set on all my eleme
  7. lauren_d

    Circular menu

    Yes that's what I will do. Thank you for the help I mean now if I scroll I can stop anywhere, in between my slides if you want. What I want is if this happens, the closest slide should come down or up.
  8. lauren_d

    Circular menu

    Menu I tried to fill the titles in white when I scroll. But I think I didn't took the right approach and not understood what you meant by adding to the timeline when appropriate. As of now every titles are filled with white as I scroll. How show I go about it ? Use the ratio and when it hit a precise value, add the white on a precise element ? I played around a bit with the ratio value, add an attribute element with the value from this calculation = 3600 / number of elements. And then tried a simple if to check if my ratio of the update function is equal to sa
  9. lauren_d

    Circular menu

    Ok thank you, I will see to that in last then. I have made my progress wheel, I will now make my titles fill with white as they come up ! And then the cursor is it's not to hard. Thank you !
  10. lauren_d

    Circular menu

    First of all thank you for the advices, I will update when I have enough results to show. But I will try to express myself better for that last part. When you scroll the items of the slider on https://maxilla.jp (on desktop only), the image that is coming next is not flat, it's kinda deformed to give an effect and if you scroll faster this effect is accentuated. I took a picture to show you, it will be more explanatory than my words. But thank you I will work and get back here to show the results.
  11. lauren_d

    Circular menu

    HI, I'm actually trying to do the same menu. Here is my pen to show my advancement. Circular Menu Later on, I will get all the pictures and titles from a request to an API but for now I just add everything myself. I don't know if I took the right approach to make my elements moved according to the movement of my mouse but anyway I have some questions: First, I would like to know how can I sync the progress circle in the bottom left to my slider. I'm guessing I should add an active class on the element that is in view but I don't how to go about it.
  12. Thank you for your welcoming and for your help. I will start with what you told me and build what I want from there. I will update and post with my pen. I will surely have more questions haha. Especially with the sorting but I will work on it ! Thank you !
  13. Hi, I've been trying to make a gallery navigation like this: https://www.powerhouse-company.com where the menu is a gallery of images and moves when you drag the canvas and then you have the select to sort the diverse articles, the animation is beautiful. I'm guessing I have to use a plugin to do the sorting like they use (flickity), but I'm kind of lost on how to make the canvas. I just want to be able to drag my canvas in fullview and integrate it with images which would be Links. I'm not expecting any of yo