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  1. @GreenSock sure, here it goes. https://codepen.io/drunksheep/pen/GRowpjN there are some other variables (my current enviroment has some css differences and is inside a react App, but this is the gist of it.) i understand if you guys can't help because this seems to pertain more to JS/React skills to GSAP in itself.
  2. Hey guys, sorry to bring up an old topic again, but i would like some orientation in how i would go about implementing several instances of this inside a carousel, any tips? Thanks for the help so far.
  3. Hey Zach, sorry to bother you again. I've been having some trouble with this for the past few days. Is there any way to convert the raw path provided by .stringToRawPath() to an array of objects like this one on the image? I Couldn't find it in the MotionPathPlugin documentation. Edit: I think it would help if i provided more information, i'm trying to provide this path info to a bezier object inside a tl.to method, like in the image below: Thanks.
  4. Hey Zach. I wasn't aware of that guide but i'll look into it, thanks a lot for the help!
  5. Hi. Amazing lib, just became a club member and i'm having a lot of fun trying it out. I am trying to recreate this pen on a create-react-app product. I would like to know if there is an analogous function in the motionPathPlugin that would return the array of objects i need (that was provided by MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier) in the pen attached.