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  1. 7 hours ago, GreenSock said:

    Tak, naprawdę nie rozumiem tutaj twojego pytania,@Masohas. Czy możesz rozwinąć? Nie widzę żadnych problemów. 

    I noticed that keyframes on "hamburger" element doesn't work if I add gsap on this element

    .animationToggler {
        animation: animationTogglerMenu .8s ease;
    @keyframes animationTogglerMenu {
        100% {
            transform: rotate(360deg);

    Just add this line of code to the timeline "preloaderTl"

    .from('.hamburger', 0.3, {x:-100,})

    How to make keyframes work?

  2. I wanted that after the page is loaded the entire content of the page appeared, but when i added spawning animations on the ".hamburger" the rotation animation does not work then, but but as I remove reappearance animations it all works. How do i have rotation and appearance animations?


    I don't understand why keyframes don't work


    the line of code that causes the element to appear, when it is deleted, rotation will work

            .from('.hamburger', 0.3, {x:-100,})

    See the Pen NWYKOPQ by jarek-babiak (@jarek-babiak) on CodePen